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Chinese wind farm technology to be tested in Australia

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-11-18 13:56

MELBOURNE - Chinese wind farm technology will be tested in Australia as island state Tasmania strengthens its economic ties with China.

Beijing-based energy firm Shenhua Group will install and test turbines in a 10 to 30 megawatt (mW) farm alongside one of the Woolnorth Wind Farm Holdings (WWFH) wind farms it co-owns after signing a deal with operator Hydro Tasmania.

Chairman of Hydro Tasmania, Grant Every-Burns, said the latest in Chinese technology would be showcased in Tasmania.

"The project would test the technical feasibility of new turbine generation technologies, including integration, operation and new design," Every-Burns said on Tuesday.

Shenhua Group's chairman Zhang Yuzhuo praised the cooperation of the two companies.

"Shenhua is transforming itself into a clean energy and technology supplier from a coal-based integrated energy company and renewable energy is an important part of that endeavor," Zhang said.

"The existing and future projects showed the efforts and determination of the two companies as good corporate citizens to combat the challenge of climate change."

WWFH is targeting an Australian wind portfolio of up to 700 mW by 2020.

Tasmania is drawing on the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to build on its economic ties with its largest trading partner. China buys around $524 million worth of Tasmanian minerals, agriculture, fine wool and other exports each year.

The president's visit coincides with the TasInvest, an exhibition showcasing the investment opportunities across various industries. One-in-three attending delegates are Chinese.

Chinese wind farm technology to be tested in Australia Chinese wind farm technology to be tested in Australia
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