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  • Agricultural Bank of China names Liu Shiyu board chairman

    2014-12-06 10:30

    Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), one of the country's "big four" banks, announced that it has appointed Liu Shiyu as its board chairman.

  • Riding the hotel wave on the cusp of change

    2014-08-22 07:15

    Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc has big dreams in China, ones that are hinged closely to the country's rapid economic growth and burgeoning hospitality market.

  • Dane puts heart, passion and soul into shoe business

    2014-08-11 08:54

    Kasper Leschly, the founder of a chic shoe brand, is striving to bring the latest Scandinavian urban trends to China.

  • Rio Tinto CEO says demand to grow

    2014-05-29 07:42

    The world's second-largest miner, Rio Tinto Group, wants stronger relations with China, the world's biggest steelmaker.

  • Bowling the Chinese over

    2014-05-05 08:19

    Mohammad Aminul Islam, development officer at the Asian Cricket Council for China, says China now has a great opportunity to show the world that it is truly a sporting nation.

  • Things you didn't know about Max Baucus

    2014-03-18 11:07

    Max Sieben will be the oldest US Ambassador to China since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979 and the first ambassador to China who does not understand Chinese.

  • China has 358 billionaires, ranks 2nd behind US

    2014-02-25 14:52

    With 358 recorded billionaires, China is second only to the United States in the proliferation of the mega-rich, according to the new Global Rich List issued by Hurun Report.

  • Three P2P pioneers take stock at 30

    2014-02-27 07:30

    In 2009, inspired by the story of Lending Club, three young men established their own business, RenRenYouXin Group Co Ltd.

  • Ex-executive sues China's securities regulator

    2014-02-19 09:24

    Yang Jianbo, former head of the strategic transaction department of Everbright Securities, is suing China's securities regulator, which punished him for insider trading.

  • Guangdong's ex-power boss under investigation

    2014-02-10 11:23

    Wu Zhouchun, former boss of Guangdong Power Grid, is being investigated over suspected serious discipline violations.

  • Tiger trader's Wall St insights

    2014-02-10 10:05

    Tiger Woman on Wall Street has taken Li from relatively humble origins in Shanghai to being one of the most successful Asian women on the world's most famous financial street.

  • Enumerating the efficiency of robots

    2014-01-23 09:25

    CEO of KUKA AG Corp Till Reuter eyes automation as key to increased wealth creation for all.

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