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College students offer their time for a fee

College students offer their time for a fee

Updated: 2012-04-18 14:48


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Two first-year students at Hubei University of Education (HUE) started a business offering their time for a fee in Wuhan city, Wuhan Evening News reported on Wednesday.

Zhao Xiaofang and Zou Junjie, inspired by Zhao's experience in helping her uncle move during holidays, started the business in their spare time.

The services offered by their business covers the problems their schoolmates may have in campus life, such as purchasing clothes, meeting friends, taking detailed notes when absent from class, and evening confessions, according to their ads.

The fees range from 2 yuan to 10 yuan per hour, depending on the service time, distance and difficulty. The confession charge is 5 yuan per hour.

They have already received six orders since opening, and their teacher said the activity is acceptable if it won't affect their studies as well as others' studies.