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Citizens win fight against fluff

Updated: 2012-05-09 14:50

More than 200 citizens living in one small community have called on the local authorities to fell poplar trees because the cotton like fluff, which comes from bursting seed pods, is causing a nuisance.

The petitioners of Tujialing community in Wuhan city of Hubei province, say the balls of fluff that fall from the trees in spring and summer are causing a misery to all, the Wuhan Evening News reported on Wednesday.

In a joint letter to the city's garden authorities, the residents say they are unable to open their windows due to the amount flying in the air.

Those outdoors also have to cover their noses and mouths to avoid the fluff which can cause allergies and breathing difficulties for some.

The Bureau of Parks and Woods of Wuchang district in Wuhan accepted their appeal and has already started to cut the trees. An official with the bureau said they have cut more than 200 poplars around the city since February.