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  • Chinese consumers demand Apple's apology

    2013-03-31 07:27

    The China Consumer's Association (CCA) has asked Apple Inc. to "sincerely apologize to Chinese consumers" and "thoroughly correct its problems," after the US firm took little action to address waves of criticism.

  • Sales of Samsung's smartphones top 100m mark

    2013-01-14 17:39

    Samsung Electronics, the world's No 1 smartphone maker, said Monday that global sales of its Galaxy smartphones topped the 100 million mark just around 31 months after its debut.

  • Kids forgo fake iPhones for cheap bogus virtual tags

    2013-01-03 00:53

    Inputting "iPhone client server tag" brings up more than 120 results on Taobao.com, one of China's biggest online shopping platforms. More than 100 online stores provide the service for 1 yuan a day, and about 20 stores offer packages that cost 5 yuan per month.

  • US Judge rejects Apple injunction bid vs Samsung

    2012-12-18 15:24

    A US judge on Monday denied Apple Inc's request for a permanent injunction against Samsung Electronics' smartphones, depriving the iPhone maker of key leverage in the mobile patent wars.

  • Apple seeks to add to Samsung lawsuit

    2012-11-26 11:29

    Apple Inc has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II, in the latest in move in an ongoing legal war between the two companies.

  • Apple sells three million iPads over weekend

    2012-11-06 03:51

    Apple announced on Monday that it has sold three million iPads in the first weekend that iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad went on sale.

  • IPad mini forays into smaller-tablet segment

    2012-11-02 09:56

    The 7.9 inch iPad mini marks the iPhone-maker's first foray into the smaller-tablet segment.

  • Apple rolls out iPad mini in Sydney to shorter lines

    2012-11-02 09:45

    Apple fans lined up in Sydney, Australia, to get the iPad mini on Friday, but the device attracted smaller crowds than at the company's previous global rollouts.

  • Apple software, retail chiefs out in overhaul

    2012-10-30 15:51

    Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook on Monday replaced the heads of its software and retail units in the company's biggest executive shake-up in a decade.

  • Microsoft launches Windows 8, Surface tablet

    2012-10-26 10:07

    Microsoft on Thursday officially launched Windows 8, a major overhaul of its flagship operating system, as part of the software giant's attempts to stay competitive in an increasingly mobile computing landscape.

  • Apple CEO apologizes for maps debacle

    2012-09-29 09:41

    Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on Friday apologized for the maps glitch in the company's latest iOS 6 mobile operating system.

  • iPhone 5 arrival triggers new sales frenzy

    2012-09-22 02:30

    It took little more than five hours for the first Apple iPhone 5 to go on sale in the Chinese mainland after being smuggled across the border from Hong Kong, but supplies were short and prices high.

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