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No temples included in public listing: official

Updated: 2012-08-21 17:43

Management authorities of Putuo Mountain, one of China's most famous Buddhist sites, said neither temples nor any religious resources there are included in a planned public offering.

"It's the four companies based in Putuo Mountain that are seeking a public offering. It has nothing to do with religion or temples," Ding Hongbin, an official from the Putuo Mountain Scenic Management Committee, was quoted by Oriental Morning Post as saying on Aug 21.

The four companies, specializing in catering, cable cars and candle making, belong to Putuo Mountain Tourism Develop Co, a subsidy company under the management committee.

Ding did not disclose when the four companies are to be listed. An official from Putuo Mountain Tourism Develop Co surnamed Zhou said that if the listing goes smoothly the money will be used to improve traffic conditions and catering.

"Many government departments including the National Tourism Administration, as well as the public, have paid great attention to this issue. But the planned listing doesn't go against any rules, and it just makes rational use of the resources," Ding was quoted as saying.

Putuo Mountain is one of the country's four famous Buddhist mountains. Some of the mountains, as well as other well-known Buddhist sites, have taken a business-oriented approach to develop local tourism, the report said.