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More people apply for jobs at China Marine Surveillance

Updated: 2012-11-06 16:36
By Wang Qian (

Competition for jobs at China Marine Surveillance is tough this year with more than 7,400 people applying for 95 positions, data released by the State Oceanic Administration showed.

"China Marine Surveillance is developing fast, facing harsher tasks and we need more people," an unnamed CMS official said, adding that by the end of 2015, another 5,000 people will join the team.

This year, the East China Sea branch of CMS received 584 applications for a position as a law enforcement worker who can speak Japanese.

Due to the strict requirements, some positions are not easy to fill.

Vacancies for chief engineers for the CMS fleet in the East China Sea branch and the North China Sea branch had no qualified applicants this year.

The official said that applicants for the positions must be below 35, with two-year work experience and comprehensive knowledge, but it generally takes a long time for a sailor to become a chief engineer.

Most chief engineers working in CMS are above 40.

"We are exploring ways to solve the conflict between demand and supply, because as our patrol fleet expands, the demand for captains and chief engineers is surging," the official said.