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Trending news across China on Oct 21

Updated: 2013-10-21 10:33

Did you know Starbucks is more expensive in China than Minnesota and London? And find out who was taking the pee on Sunday – it's all trending across China.

Taking the pee

Trending news across China on Oct 21

Photos of marathon runners in the annual Beijing Marathon on Sunday answering a call of nature against a wall have gone viral on the Internet.

Some runners said they was forced to urinate in public because there were limited portable toilets on the route, while others said public urination was a tradition of the marathon for fun, the Beijing News reported.

Starbucks China

Starbucks is sold at the highest cost in China compared to other countries, CCTV reported. The price for a cup of latte was 27 yuan($4.42) in Beijing, 24.25 yuan in London, 19.98 yuan in Chicago, and 14.6 yuan in Mumbai.

But such a comparison was questioned by some domestic experts who believed the price was not only driven by production costs.

China cuts talent

The latest regulation issued by the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has asked local TV stations to strengthen their efforts to broadcast programs on the news, economy, culture, documentaries, and cartoons.

Only one talent show that selects singers, which has proved popular, will be allowed to be broadcast during prime time viewing every quarter, Xinhua News Agency reported.

School panties ban

An online expose has revealed female art students at a school in Zhongshan, Guangdong province have been banned for wearing colored underwear and violators will be asked to write a letter of apology.

Some people questioned how the teachers check and said wearing underwear should be an individual choice.

Cash for organs

Among 74 surveyed from families who donated organs, about 80 percent were due to economic considerations. A total of 24 families were in arrears by more than 80,000 yuan($13,115) in medical fees, Nanfang Metropolis Daily reported.

An expert said since currently most organ donors come from low-income groups, the country should ensure compensation to their families when they donated their organs.

English trending out

A new college entrance examination is in the making in many provinces in China. The English exam is in the firing line for reform. English listening tests in the college entrance examination will be stopped in Shandong province from next year. And the English test scores will be reduced in Beijing from 2015, reported.

Carless tunnel

A car tunnel, with a total length of more than 500 metres has not opened to traffic since it was completed in 2005 in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province. Some people have moved to live in the tunnel nearby line 2 of the Nanjing metro, and they claim to be guarding tunnels with the approval of authorities. Staff from the local government and traffic police department said they do not know the cause of the matter, reported.

Gold 1.5b-yuan hotel

A 200-meters high building will be built in Hai'an county, Nan tong, East China's Jiangsu province, with an investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan($0.25 billion) to build a five-star hotel with a luxurious golden exterior. The color has been likened to the latest golden edition of the iPhone 5S, reported.