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One voice, two sessions

Updated: 2013-03-03 16:07

Zheng Yuanjie (children's author):
The safety of children should be a national top priority. I call on the two sessions to establish a milk powder ministry, led by the vice-premier, because milk powder quality is directly related to the country's future.

Yang Chang (host of China National Radio):
No flowers or banners to greet members of the CPPCC at Beijing Friendship Hotel where they are staying. Only the electronic board displays a simple welcome to guests. This will reduce expenditures and demonstrates an improved working style.

Tie Zheng (a professor with Beijing Forestry University):
The news reporting of the two sessions shows an entertaining trend. Some reporters do not care how NPC deputies and CPPCC members participate in politics but focus on tidbits and anecdotes. Some coverage was odd and weird.

Qilu Evening News:
Li Kemu, vice-chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and a CPPCC member, said that pollution liability insurance is still in its trial stage, and it will truly become an insurance for pollution when it focuses on our national conditions.

Geely Holding Group:
Li Shufu, a member of the CPPCC, urges the government to realize that the role of taxis is as important as buses and subways. Get rid of the monopoly and let the market decide the number of taxies.

Yang Aixing, a member of the CPPCC, told reporters: "It is not only on March 5 every year that we learn from Lei Feng. The core of Lei Feng spirit is to help people in need anytime, anywhere."