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When deputy Zhai Youcai addressed a panel presentation on behalf of farmers on Thursday, he said he was very grateful to Premier Wen Jiabao.

China should keep its monetary stance "neutral" amid the loosing in liquidity globally, and may strengthen capital controls if necessary.

A top social security official confirmed on Thursday there is no shortfall in the country's pensions for enterprise retirees.

China's 8% growth likely

2013-03-08 09:20

China's top economic advisers said Thursday that China's economic growth can maintain a relatively fast growth rate of around 8 percent in the next two decades.

A new study shows that China has the world's highest proportion (more than 51 percent) of women in senior management positions.

As China's key NPC sessions continue in Beijing, with policy announcements coming thick and fast, we take a look at what the US has to say about this reform state of mind.

China and the European Union could start investment talks in the coming months, the Chinese ambassador to the EU said.China, EU map out economic ties

China is working on a reform of the gasoline and diesel pricing mechanism to better reflect international crude costs, the head of the country's top economic planning agency said on Wednesday.

Official research shows that a deposit insurance system - a major step for interest rate liberalization - is mature enough and is expected to be put before the public "very soon".

The Chinese economy has the potential to maintain fast growth for 20 years, though financial risks pose great challenge in 2013.

China can escape the middle income trap through industrial restructuring and income distribution reform, economists said Thursday.

Financial risk will remain the biggest challenge for the Chinese economy as over-reliance on investment to power the economy amid urbanization drive would increase debt burden for local governments.

China's political advisors expressed concerns about the impact of quantitative easing policies in developed countries, urging the nation to speed up industrial restructuring to tackle related challenges.

"Beautiful China," the Chinese tourism industry's new tag line and global brand logo, made its overseas debut on Wednesday at the world's largest travel trade show in Berlin to lure more travelers from abroad to experience the country's breathtaking beauty.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said Tuesday that it will impose pollutant emission caps on six industries and coal-fired furnace projects in 47 major cities.

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