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Jade works sparkle in new store for Xmas

Updated: 2012-11-25 16:48
( China Daily)

Wang Junyi's high-end jewelry brand Royal Jade will open a shop in Beijing's Tian'an Tiandi Jewelry Department on Christmas day.

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The shop, which is operating on a trial basis, will showcase more than 10 of Wang's representative works from the past decade. They include the award-winning Buddha On One Leaf and The Auspicious Leopard.

Wang has produced jade jewelry for 19 years and is recognized among the trade's elite. In addition to being the youngest winner of the Tiangong Award - the highest professional honor for Chinese jade-carving artists - Wang is also one of the most pioneering designers.

For example, he creatively combined titanium with emerald in his work Ice Butterfly, which was shown at his exhibition at the National Museum of China and captivated the attention of more than 1,000 industry insiders.