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Lindsay Lohan refuses to return to rehab

Updated: 2012-12-03 17:30
( Agencies)
Lindsay Lohan refuses to return to rehab

Lindsay Lohan refuses to return to rehab.

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The 'Liz & Dick' star - who was charged with assaulting fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell in a New York nightclub last week and also for lying to police about being behind the wheel of a car accident in June - has reportedly told her friends who are trying to force her to seek help that she doesn't need to return to a treatment facility for the sixth time.

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Sources close to the 26-year-old troubled starlet told gossip website that the actress simply doesn't believe she has a problem with alcohol despite reports she has been drinking up to two litres of vodka a day recently because she is so stressed about her legal problems and the poor reviews for her performance in the TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor, which aired in the US last week.

Lindsay has allegedly told her friends that the fact she recently completed filming three movies proves that she doesn't have a drinking problem.

The insiders revealed that despite being terrified she will be thrown back into jail, the actress will not check into rehab in a bid to receive a reduced sentence.

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Lindsay reportedly feels she was the victim of a well calculated setup because shortly after she turned down Tiffany's offer of a palm reading, she noticed some of the psychic's friends gathering around her designer purse at another table and was then informed by several of her other friends in the club that Tiffany's pals were stealing her Celine black leather bag.

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