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Pop idol grows up

Updated: 2013-10-11 07:48
By Zhang Kun (China Daily)

Pop idol grows up
He initially found fame on TV singing competitions, but Aska Yang is now turning a new page in his musical career. Zhang Kun reports in Shanghai.

Aska Yang has started a new chapter of his music career, as the halo surrounding him from his successful stint in TV singing competitions fades away.

The singer from Taiwan led the first MTV Sessions show in Shanghai recently, performing a mini concert to more than 600 people at the Mixing Room & Muse at the Mercedes-Benz Arena Complex. The concert will be broadcast on MTV.

Yang, 35, also participated in the first edition of the Sonic Shanghai music festival at Shanghai Stadium in August. He sang the theme song, Shining.

"I think I can enjoy a career in music as long as there is a not-so-big group of supporters," says the singer in an exclusive interview with China Daily before the MTV Sessions concert.

"Nobody can give final judgment on your work. I stick to my principles and standards, and no longer care too much about commercial success or popular aesthetics of the time."

At the Mercedes-Benz Arena concert Yang performed a few songs from his previous albums, which he selected because they were either "difficult and challenging, or with lots of storytelling". He also performed Rehab by the deceased British artist Amy Winehouse.

The stage was designed like a reading room. A lyrical singer, Yang responded to fans' enthusiasm with awkward attempts to dance. His simple hip swings were enough to prompt screams from the audience, but he insists he is not a pop idol.

Yang visited indie folk musician Zhong Lifeng in Beijing a few weeks ago. "He played the guitar and I sang along. It was a great experience."

He and Zhong ate crayfish with their hands and wore shorts and sandals. Yang said he felt happy and satisfied. "I've experienced a lot since I joined the industry six years ago. I've learned to relax and enjoy music."


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