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He's raising her voice

Updated: 2013-09-29 09:36
By Chen Nan (China Daily)

He's raising her voice

Vocal coach to the stars Seth Riggs is amazed by Doudou's accurate keys and soothing tones, and employs his signature "speech-level singing" method to teach the girl. Provided to China Daily

American vocal coach to the superstars Seth Riggs has found his youngest-ever prodigy. Chen Nan talks to the 'speech-level singing' guru's student in Shenzhen.

The vocal coach who has trained more than 120 Grammy winners over the past 50 years, including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Madonna, has found his youngest-ever student in Guangdong province's Shenzhen city - 14-year-old Doudou. It was a chance encounter that led 83-year-old Seth Riggs to take the child prodigy under his wing, he says.

"I was traveling to Shenzhen to visit a friend," he recalls.

"He introduced me to Doudou. When the girl sang, I was amazed by her accurate keys and soothing tones. I was so surprised to find such a talented singer on the Chinese mainland."

Riggs employed his signature "speech-level singing" method to teach the girl. The technique allows vocalists to perform any musical genre within their range with minimal fatigue, he says.

He believes a lighter, less stressful vocal production works better in higher ranges than pushing one's body to reach higher octaves.

The coach believes anybody can sing well using this strategy.

Riggs hopes to teach Doudou to sing as an adult, rather than as an adolescent.

"Most people are yelling - not singing - but Doudou sings like she's talking," he says. "She learns fast, and she sings like Barbra Streisand."


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