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He's raising her voice

Updated: 2013-09-29 09:36
By Chen Nan (China Daily)

He's raising her voice

Vocal coach to the stars Seth Riggs is amazed by Doudou's accurate keys and soothing tones, and employs his signature "speech-level singing" method to teach the girl. Provided to China Daily

Riggs says he misses Michael Jackson most of all his students. He accompanied and coached Jackson on his 1988 world tour, and they worked together for more than three decades.

"He sang while I played piano, and suddenly he moves," he recalls.

"He thinks about his singing and dancing at the same time. He had dedicated so much to what he was doing. He is a legend.

"Many people asked me who would be the next Michael Jackson in the world, and I say no one," he continues.

"I have seen 38 Michael Jackson would-bes, and only one young man can do the same thing as Michael did, such as the singing and moonwalking."

But that singer couldn't establish an identity, he says.

Riggs attributes his success to continuously working. He feels fortunate he's alive at 83 and can teach people to sing better and hone their individual styles. He also says the music world is changing, and everything in it happens so fast today.

He is disappointed so few vocalists base their careers on singing.

"Justin Bieber came to my class twice and Rihanna once," he recalls.

"In the pragmatic world of show business today, where time is money, the young stars cannot dedicate themselves to the vocal training. Also, they cannot achieve what Michael Jackson had done with 30 years of training," Riggs says.

"I know there are many reality shows in China, like anywhere in the world. The TV shows are more for producers to make money than for the talents to be remembered," he says.

"You win a singing contest, and you think you will last forever. But, in fact, you just last for two minutes."


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