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That last supper

China Daily | Updated: 2012-12-17 13:25

That last supper

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With the Mayan calendar predicting the end of times according to some prophets, we asked gourmets what their final repast would be and who they would share it with.

If the world was to end tomorrow, who would you have dinner with for the last time, where would you dine and what would you eat and drink?

We asked some foodies whether they would splash out at a top restaurant, go for comfort food, or simply opt for a meal at home with their nearest and dearest.

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Zhou Yutong,

Tea sommelier

Tea Garden,

Four Seasons Beijing

Dec 21 is a Friday. The Tea Garden is usually very busy on that day so I may stay late until all the customers are gone. I will have my working meal as usual. But if I could choose, I would like to go to my grandparents' house and have dumplings with them. The day happens to be winter solstice, one of the most important Chinese festivals and we northerners have the tradition of eating dumplings at this time.

That last supper

Chen Zunkai,


Baoyuan Dumpling

House, Beijing

I would treat all my employees to their favorite hotpot. My dumpling restaurant is my home and my team is my family. I want our last moments to be warm and happy. We would sit around a table with the steaming pot in the center, chat about all the unforgettable moments we have had and enjoy our last moments.

That last supper

Jordi Valles Claverol,


Agua Beijing

For doomsday, I would like to have a morsel of all the best food I've had in my life, including Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippines, French and Indian food. A little bit of everything on a nice day, starting 1 pm, and I will probably choose a fabulous island in Thailand to do it.

I will start with a Martini Rosso on the rocks, followed by sparkling and red wine, then finish with a nice gin and tonic. Of course, I will dine with my girlfriend, as we both like to eat and drink and we are in love with Thailand.

That last supper

Chef Ku Chi-fai,

Yu Restaurant

Ritz-Carlton Beijing

I would like to dine with US President Barack Obama and China's Party chief Xi Jinping. We often hear their comments on politics, so maybe this time some opinions about food would be interesting. I think we would have an insightful conversation. The freshest seafood would be my choice for this last meal.

That last supper

Emmanuel Zhao,

Chef de cuisine, Scarlet French wine bar and restaurant, Hotel G, Beijing

Probably because of my profession, I'm not picky about eating.

I can do with both the most elegant and exquisite French dinner, or Beijing-style fried liver and stewed chitterlings on the street.

I had previously thought that if the world was to end I might want to do something crazy. But I've changed my mind and I will not dine out that day.

My mom's cooking is average, but she makes stunning jiaozi.

If there really is a doomsday, I just want to sit together with my family, drink a glass of warm wine, and eat jiaozi my mom makes."

That last supper

High steaks


That last supper

Warm hearth, global appeal 

That last supper

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