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Beer pancakes

2012-12-18 14:24

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Pancakes are one of the easiest things, that You can cook.

And very quick... if You are experienced - preparation takes a minute or two, then about 1-2 minutes per cake when frying.

Because it is cheap dish - You can practice it with many variations, until You will be the Master of the Pancakes.

Taste of beer-based pancakes is a bit sweet, and with almost untraceable bitter, with significant beer aroma, so if You don’t like beer – replace it with the milk.

level: easy

preparation time: 3-5 minutes

cooking time: about 1-2 minutes for each pancake


(for about 6 thick, or at list 10 thin pancakes)

Beer pancakes


- 1can of beer

- wheat flour

- salt (up to Your taste)

- oil (2-3 table spoons)

Beer pancakes

Beer pancakes

Beer pancakes

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