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Concentrated soup base

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2012-12-18 14:47

I don’t like to waste food, but I also don’t cook all Chinese way” – frying meat with bones etc.

So, what to do with all those bones, skins, and “not edible” (for non-Chinese) parts of daily meals?

It’s easy – use it as a soup base J

Sometimes I add also some “first class” meat – to make it way better (and then use this meat for other purposes).

Every Saturday I make big shopping, and then “cleaning the fridge”.

From vegetables (bought Saturday before) I select some “usable”, then add mentioned meats.

Then all I need is to put it all into thermostatic (or any other) cooking pot, add some seasonings, cold water, and set the temperature for a little below full boiling.

And wait.

Sometimes many hour, but usually – one day of cooking.

If I added “first class” meat – I put it out of “soup” after few (2-3) hours (when it is not parted into small pieces), then I chop it and freeze in few portions (then it can be used in other dishes – for example in filling for dumplings).

After then – I let it all cook slowly for about one day (at list few hours).

Then I remove all “solid parts”, check the seasoning (correct it if necessary), and then let it boil until it will reduce into thick “liquid jelly” consistence.

At this point – all I have to do is to wait until it is not too hot, and pour it in few plastic cups – from full pot (about 2l) it is 6 2-cm deep cups of soup concentrate.

After it gain “jelly” consistence – I can keep it in the fridge for few days, or deepfrozen for even months.

Concentrated soup base

Concentrated soup base

Concentrated soup base

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