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Excerpts from Liu's work

Updated: 2012-05-15 14:23
By Liu Cheng and translated by Linda Jaivin ( China Daily)

Selected verses from The Three-Character Primer of Film


To speak of film in terms of fame

Fails its true essence to proclaim.

To speak of film, its form compare

To the flowing strands of a beauty's black hair.

To make a film, what is the key?

The path's laid down, but the path runs free.

To recall films made is to be drunk with delight

On a mix of brews, each flavor bright.


The way of writing, the way of humanity,

The way of art, the way of deity.

The rules of writing, heaven set,

The rules of art all rules upset.


On true achievement stake your claim,

Think not of fortune and less of fame.

Do what you love, be loyal and true,

Lose yourself in it, your passions pursue.

Fans may praise and critics may moan,

But it's a long, long road and you walk it alone.

Yet of fuel for your fire there's really no limit.

Success goes to those who keep working at it.

Great stories are out there for the taking,

The talent demanded years in the making.

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