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Experts focus on art collections' development

Updated: 2012-12-11 15:58
By Lin Qi (

Cultural relic experts, collectors, antique dealers and art auctioneers discussed how the Chinese art market could achieve a healthy internationalization process at a forum for art and antiques collections held in Beijing.

The event, which was concluded on Dec 8, was part of the 2012 Beijing China Art International Fair.

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Beijing has long been the country's art hub, with its more than 100 art auction houses.

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Wen Guihua, head of the Beijing Association of Auctioneers, said that the association launched an online auction platform in December 2011, in a bid to diversify auction resources and increase transparency.

She said the association has added courses on online auctioning to its training sessions for professionals across the country, because online auctions will be a future trend. Legal counseling is also offered to auction houses.

Zhu Jingwei, manager of Beijing Antique City, said Chinese antique dealers have contributed to the return of many national treasures in recent years.

"Dealers make it possible for antiques to be properly distributed to collectors who love them and are financially capable of owning them. A considerable group of dealers search for Chinese antiques around the world and send them back to the domestic market," he said.

Gan Xuejun, president of Huachen Auctions, said that the country is in need of professionals who really understand auctions, to maintain the credibility and integrity of the industry.


Experts focus on art collections' development

Experts focus on art collections' development

Experts focus on art collections' development

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