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SecondWorld (Thomas Dunne Books)

Updated: 2012-05-29 13:14
( China Daily)

The popcorn novel of the summer has arrived, and Jeremy Robinson delivers an action fest that rivals the best of James Rollins, Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly.

NCIS agent and former Navy SEAL Lincoln Miller is on vacation in the Florida Keys, hanging out under the water in a submersible. Chaos ensues when dead fish start to slam into his vehicle. Forced to the surface, Miller finds himself surrounded by red flakes falling from the sky. He quickly discovers he cannot breathe, but with the help of oxygen tanks and a respirator, he makes it to land.

As Miller wanders around trying to uncover the truth behind the disaster he was lucky to miss, he finds nothing but dead bodies. His quest for more oxygen tanks leads him to Miami, where he finds more devastation. What are the red flakes, and how are they responsible for eliminating the oxygen from the atmosphere? Has Miller become Adam in this new world?

The quest for answers and more oxygen tanks leads Miller to a vast conspiracy, with tentacles rooted in the final days of a country supposedly conquered at the end of World War II. The combination of Mad Max, I Am Legend and Where Eagles Dare provides a fresh take on the end of the world that is riveting from the first page.

SecondWorld is a guaranteed one-sitting read that would make a terrific summer movie.


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