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I'm Lu Xingyu, not Lu Meimei

Updated: 2012-09-04 15:07
( China Daily)

I'm Lu Xingyu, not Lu Meimei (China Society Press)

I'm Lu Xingyu, not Lu Meimei

Lu Xingyu, 24, publishes her autobiography I'm Lu Xingyu, Not Lu Meimei in response to misunderstandings and criticisms that pushed her to the center of a charity-related storm in August 2011.

Lu is executive chairman and secretary-general of China-Africa Project Hope, a charity run by World Eminent Chinese Business Association (of which her billionaire father Lu Junqing is chairman) and the China Youth Development Fund.

The project aims to build 1,000 primary schools in Africa over the next 10 years. The money involved will amount to at least 1.5 billion yuan ($2.36 million) and the charity organization will charge 10 percent as its management fee.

Netizens gave Lu the nickname Lu Meimei, after Guo Meimei, a young woman whose extravagant lifestyle triggered an alleged corruption scandal concerning the China Red Cross Society in June 2011.

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