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Script selection

Updated: 2013-07-17 18:35
( China Daily)

First Prize list of Full-length Scripts (5):

Legend of Gong Shun Hui

Number one consort Gong Shun Hui is beautiful, intelligent and unconventionally ambitious.

She wants to be made a general. Though Emperor Zhenjin Khan scoffs at the very idea, she persuades him to give her a chance.

Precipitating revolt and the killing of the Emperor. Gong Shun Hui retakes Beijing and bring the usurpers to justice.

When she finally achieves her goal, she is urged by her followers to claim the throne for herself.

Instead, she gives the Mandate of Heaven to Zhenjin's son, Crown Prince Temur, and kowtows before him, offering her services as a general.

                                                         --- by Gary Shockley


In the future Beijing, there is a system called TUSK in the social networking device, which can record and broadcast the information of correlated persons.

TUSK system can carry out a random inspection on individual records so as to manage the social order.

Xiao Ping is a student with special telepathic abilities.

One day, he met Feng in a hospital, who had the same ability.

Later, they fell in love with each other and began to fight against adverse impact of TUSK on their health together.

                                                     --- by Johnny Ma