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Adventures bring a couple together

By Hu Yongqi in Luquan, Yunnan | China Daily | Updated: 2013-08-05 14:59
Adventures bring a couple together

Richard Ussher and his wife Elina take part in the 2013 Red Bull Challenge and emerge champions. Photos provided to China Daily

On the afternoon of July 6, the Jiaozi Mountain in Luquan county, Yunnan province, was covered with mist amid the lingering drizzle, with some of the green forests and meadows protruding out to show the season.

But a group of adventure racers was oblivious to the beautiful scenery. They were competing for the title of the 2013 Red Bull 24 Hours Plateau Challenge.

Richard Ussher and his team led the racers and won the championship the next morning after 17 hours of tough journey, seven hours earlier than the other 20 teams.

The race was upgraded to have 80-km distance in its sixth year, sponsored by the world-leading beverage manufacturer Red Bull Co. Athletes had to complete 50 km of mountain bicycling, 5 km cross-country running, and another 25 km of orienteering. The 4,223-meter-high mountaintop was the last challenge for the racers.

The Jiaozi Mountain, famous for its altitude and misty environment, is considered one of the hardest locations for adventure races.

"The mountain is one of the highest my wife and I have ever climbed. The altitude seemed to be an obstacle to most athletes, but we always encouraged each other to get up and move on," says Ussher, the winner of Adventure Racing World Championship in 2006.

Adventures bring a couple together

Adventures bring a couple together

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