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  • Beautiful scenery of Shuanglang County in Dali, SW China's Yunnan

    2012-12-13 13:13

    Beautiful scenery of Shuanglang county in Dali, SW China's Yunnan

  • Oriental cherries bloom in winter in China's Yunnan

    2012-12-11 15:18

    Photo taken on Dec 9, 2012 shows the scenery of blooming flowers in Nanjian Yi autonomous county, Southwest China's Yunnan province.

  • UNESCO World Heritage site Lijiang witnesses more tourists

    2012-08-09 13:52

    Tourists entertain themselves at a bar in the old town of Lijiang, southwest China's Yunnan province, August 8, 2012.

  • Utopian Sojourn

    2012-07-20 14:32

    The author found a place that approaches the idyll depicted in Tao Yuanming’s prose last year when I visited Bamei Village of Guangnan County in Yunnan province.

  • A poacher turned ranger hunts the hunters

    2012-10-10 09:30

    Tibetans in Yunnan province's Deqen county have been relieved to see more gazelles, black bears and dwarf blue sheep running on the Meili Snow Mountain, their altar of pilgrimage, in recent years.

  • Making inroads to a place where time stands still

    2012-11-28 10:35

    Modernity slowly approaches the isolated Derung ethnic group, Hu Yongqi and Li Yingqing report from Nujiang, Yunnan province.

  • Rooms with a majestic view

    2012-06-18 15:05

    St. Regis will soon open another hotel in Lijiang. The development will include a five-star hotel and privately owned villas.

  • St. Regis Lijiang inks aircraft deal with Cessna

    2012-06-14 17:06

    The signing ceremony of St. Regis Lijiang and Cessna Aircraft Company was held at Lijiang Sanyi Airport on June 9, signifying St. Regis Lijiang has become the first to provide private jet service in China.

  • Son of the Red River

    2012-06-11 10:16

    Farmer-scholar Lu Chaogui has dedicated his life documenting and preserving Hani culture. Cang Lide visits him at home in the Yuanyang rice terraces.

  • Dragon lady of the terraces

    2012-06-11 09:55

    She lives and dreams about them and when she talks, her eyes light up with the inner fire of her convictions.

  • Honghe rice terraces micro - ecology

    2012-06-11 09:43

    Life begins with the patches of bright neon green.

  • Hani harmony

    2012-06-11 09:41

    Besides being a favorite for photographers, Honghe Hani Rice Terraces deserve recognition for more than just scenery for pretty pictures.

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