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Young legislator places education first

By Hu Yongqi | China Daily | Updated: 2014-03-25 07:23

 Young legislator places education first

Tie Feiyan presents her proposals on additional funds for schools in Yunnan's mountainous regions and suburban areas of Kunming during this year's NPC annual conference earlier this month. Luo Bo / For China Daily

The youngest deputy to the National People's Congress from Yunnan province is passionate about improving rural schools, but the girl who used to feign illness to avoid the 6-km walk to the classroom has found her new role a steep learning curve. Hu Yongqi reports.

 Young legislator places education first
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Young legislator places education first 

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Tie Feiyan carries herself with a confidence far beyond her 22 years. She appears more mature than her peers, having spent the past year as one of China's top legislators.

Her hometown of Zhaotong in Yunnan province is home to 498,000 left-behind children. Their parents have left to seek their fortune in the cities on the east coast of the country.

At the 2013 two sessions meeting, Tie, of the Hui ethnic group, submitted proposals concerning left-behind children and preschool education in rural areas based on her personal experience.

Tie was reluctant to go to school when she was a child, as it meant a 6-kilometer walk from her home to the school each way. During the rainy season, the sticky mud would make the long journey even more arduous.


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