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  • Have a bite of seafood soup with fun

    2012-09-20 10:38

    No fire, no smoke, you may cook like a chef and enjoy a fun cooking process at your table!

  • Pizzas on the Silk Road

    2012-08-27 13:31

    You're in Beijing, but you can easily take a culinary tour of the Silk Road while dining at the legendary Raffles Beijing.

  • Big steaks from a little Italian

    2012-08-27 13:16

    Another cozy Italian restaurant has opened on Julu Road in Jing'an district, where dozens of stylish eateries as well as designer boutiques are already gathered. But Il Bambino, with only 30 seats, is an intimate experience.

  • Haute Italian with color

    2012-08-04 07:45

    To stand head and shoulders above the many good Italian restaurants in Beijing, the food must be truly exceptional - and memorable.

  • Traditional Italian pizza

    2012-08-04 07:46


  • Award-winning Italian food

    2012-08-04 07:46


  • Buon appetito, with style aplenty

    2012-07-30 11:05

    A new Italian restaurant, Mercato, has recently opened at Three On the Bund.

  • Pasta with collard greens and onions

    2012-06-01 13:58

    A simple thing to do with any type of green is to braise it with onion and garlic in a covered pan, then toss it with pasta or serve with grains.

  • Easy Italian

    2012-04-15 10:48

    Donna Mah experiences the organic food approach at Linguini Fini in Hong Kong.

  • Barolo family Sunday

    2012-03-12 19:37

    Classic Italian cuisine with a modern twist is served in quiet elegance and cozy ambiance of Barolo, where dining provides an exceptional Italian experience, defining the Italian lifestyle in Beijing.

  • Fried cod with saffron sauce

    2012-01-13 17:05

    Fried cod with saffron sauce

  • Guess what he is cooking?

    2011-12-13 10:18

    Mr Francesco Maria Sanna is executive chef of Bene Italian restaurant at Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel. Guess what he is cooking?