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  • Let's ham it up

    2009-10-30 10:05

    The Spanish rave about jamon Serrano, their ham from the mountains. The Italians are proud of their prosciutto or Parma ham. The French would eat naught but jambon de Bayonne.

  • Escape to the Tropics: Dai Restaurant in Beijing

    2011-02-15 17:37

    Baoqin Daiwei Restaurant is one of many ethnic selections near Minzu University, but the cuisine, native to the Dai minority of Yunnan province, stands out for its light, tropical, but dynamic flavors.

  • Yunnan local cuisine

    2011-02-16 15:52

    Yunnan province with its mild climate and abundant rainfall is home to a large variety of plant and animal species, making the ingredients used in Yunnan cuisine very diverse. Yunnan Cuisine, often referred to as Dian cuisine, has its own unique style because of its geographic location.

  • Food reviews

    2011-02-19 06:42

    It is always a pleasant experience to find a dish you loved as a kid is as good as ever. That's what I discovered when I traveled back to my hometown in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, for the Spring Festival.

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