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  • Out, damned spot!

    2011-11-02 14:40

    Acne sufferers should check out TCM remedies and pay attention to their lifestyles.

  • Fascinating vegetarian

    2011-10-24 13:50

    Ye Jun curbs the carnivorous cravings and discovers the joys of a Veggie Table.

  • Organic food, a way out

    2011-10-19 11:47

    Organic farming produces food that is priced two or three times higher, but it is popular with consumers who see it as healthier.

  • Off with the fat, in with the fit

    2011-09-20 11:25

    An American teacher, who spent a semester in Hunan, discovers a surefire method to lose weight in what she calls the 'China Diet'.

  • Sweet success

    2011-09-07 09:37

    A program that encourages city residents to sponsor beehives in the outskirts of Beijing has benefits for all. Wang Kaihao reports.

  • Have joys from jicai

    2011-04-07 12:01

    Every year, when spring arrives stealthily and most vegetables are still growing in greenhouses, jicai is already there in the wild, waiting to excite your senses with its natural green color and fresh aroma.

  • Eating green

    2010-11-15 09:44

    Vegetarian restaurants come and go, but Ye Jun discovers one eatery with exceptional staying power.

  • Growing power plants

    2010-05-22 10:09

    Three years ago when my wife, Sylvie, and I were starting our business, one of the first things we did was to start a vegetable plot in our back yard. We also planted a pink lady apple tree, and pear, plum, orange and olive trees.

  • Meat-free diet good for a healthy planet

    2010-04-08 10:10

    Former physicist Li Yu runs the city's first vegetarian restaurant.

  • Meatless dining in Beijing

    2010-04-07 10:12

    Great food is a hallmark of a great civilization and China is no exception.

  • Mediterranean diet good for the heart

    2010-01-28 07:43

    New research from Spain confirms the benefit of a Mediterranean diet to a healthy heart.

  • Selecting eco-sustainable seafood

    2010-01-15 11:10

    Check out which fish and sushi have the most nutrition, have the least environmental contaminants and are the most likely to support sustainability at the Environmental Defense Fund's website (edf.org) and search for "seafood selector".