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  • Chef for life

    2012-09-24 15:32

    For Dai Jianjun,the process is the most important part of food production, and he laments that traditional expertise is lost as members of farming families now seek their fortunes in cities instead.

  • Take it slow and stay safe

    2012-09-19 09:45

    Gutter oil, melamine-tainted dairy products, fake eggs - these are only the tip of the iceberg of gastronomic nightmares that the Chinese consumer must face.

  • And in Shanghai, they got bored

    2012-09-03 10:07

    It's all very well to play farmer for a while, but a steady commitment to a vegetable plot is often the hardest to maintain.

  • Weekend farmers

    2012-09-03 09:51

    Online gardening games gave the IT generation the instant gratification of harvesting fruits and vegetables. Many are escaping to the outdoors.

  • Vegetarian fit for a king

    2012-08-20 10:13

    No meat, but the dishes are exotic, unique and right royally delicious. Ye Jun visits a new restaurant in Beijing that is raising the bar.

  • Organic labeling continues to mislead

    2012-08-15 13:27

    Some supermarkets and suppliers in Beijing are ignoring a new national standard that aims to rein in the chaotic organic food industry.

  • Nanny goat's milk best?

    2012-08-08 14:08

    A businessman in Changsha has been feeding his baby girl milk from the goats he has been raising on the roof of his four-story house, rather than commercially produced milk formula.

  • Vegetarian abroad

    2012-07-16 15:05

    If you don't eat meat, eating away from home may be a handicap. But in Dubai, there are plenty of other delicious choices.

  • Balcony farmers are taking root

    2012-06-25 10:58

    With growing wealth, concerns about food safety and the fever for online shopping, more urbanites are taking to farming on their own terms.

  • Do coffee, do good

    2012-06-11 10:21

    Three siblings are among the first to sell locally sourced, organic, fair-trade, and sustainably grown coffee from Yunnan farmers.

  • Farm boy digs up tasty business idea

    2012-06-08 09:44

    Buying beverages from a vending machine one day planted an idea in Wang Honggang's head - using the machines to sell vegetables.

  • The vegetarian persuasion

    2012-06-04 13:01

    An American-born chef tells Han Bingbin how she's turning on local Beijingers to a meatless menu.

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