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  • Snakes in a bowl

    2012-02-06 16:29

    There are enough exotic foods in China to please the most bizarre-loving gourmets, but often, it is not the love of the unusual that drives the epicurean quest.

  • Sweet & savory links

    2012-02-06 11:00

    From boudin noir to bangers to bratwurst to sweet Cantonese liver links, sausages are an important part of all major cuisines.

  • Sweet, pink and happy

    2012-01-09 13:46

    Chinese cooks love food with meaning. Meals for the Lunar New Year are always brimming with taste and auspicious well wishes.

  • Be of good cheer

    2011-12-26 10:08

    It's Christmas Eve and the New Year is around the corner. Color your evenings with some festive drinks that will definitely lift spirits.

  • Sugar & Spice & Everything nice

    2011-12-12 10:58

    To Pauline D. Loh, nothing spells festive like the spicy scent of gingerbread baking. She shares the recipe and some decorating ideas.

  • Sweets for the season

    2011-12-04 17:23

    As the party season draws nearer, it's time to stock up on some sweets that will impress friends, delight your family and draw the compliments.

  • Party options

    2011-11-28 14:51

    When the party is all about the turkey, how do you cater for the vegetarians and still keep the meat lovers happy?

  • Village voices

    2011-09-05 14:38

    There are some things that call out from home when you are far away, and Pauline D. Loh says homesickness is best cured with food.

  • Teatime classics

    2011-08-08 13:17

    An introduction to teatime classics and methods of making some of them.

  • Rites of spring

    2011-04-11 14:21

    In the warmer southern climes, April is when cabbages glow green and the carrots shine like bright orange batons. The bamboos, too, will be sending up creamy yellow tender shoots that can be harvested every morning.

  • Spring in a bowl

    2011-04-06 16:22

    Spring is definitely in the air and even the vegetables in the markets seem brighter and perkier. Pauline D. Loh has several suggestions on how best to enjoy it all.

  • Bread of life

    2011-03-28 16:00

    Making your own bread not only satisfies the tummy but comforts the soul. Pauline D. Loh shows the way to simple but delicious breads you can speedily make at home.