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  • Scents from the festive oven

    2010-12-12 10:06

    Nothing smells like Christmas more than gingerbread baking in the oven. This spicy cookie is a seasonal favorite that is very easy to make. Pauline D.

  • Sweet celebration

    2010-12-06 10:55

    With the year-end festive season almost upon us, it's time to start planning for the rounds of parties involving family and friends. Pauline D. Loh brings out the dessert trolley.

  • The color of love

    2010-11-21 09:28

    Tomatoes were known as love apples in their native South America, and there are plenty of reasons to love this fruit. Pauline D Loh argues the case with some no-cook recipes.

  • Beetroot beatitudes

    2010-11-07 09:31

    The beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse that has been much neglected and Pauline D Loh looks at some special ways of cooking and eating this blood-red root vegetable.

  • In the pink of health

    2010-10-17 10:09

    Its gleaming flesh shines with natural oils, yet it is a sweet fish eaten either cooked, smoked or raw. Pauline D. Loh takes a closer look at the salmon.

  • Autumn's fat crabs inspire us

    2010-10-09 09:08

    Lake crabs, river crabs, salt-water crabs? They are getting prime space at the seafood stalls right now.

  • Simple staples

    2010-09-19 09:46

    As the humidity drops, it's time to make sure we take in plenty of liquid to make up for the dehydration.

  • Peaches and dreams

    2010-09-12 10:54

    Even as the summer winds down in Beijing, the fruit stalls are still stacked high with peaches of all sizes. Pauline D Loh thinks up some dreamy recipes for this succulent fruit.

  • Mushroom bounty

    2010-09-05 09:33

    As the summer heat recedes and �72elents, the first signs of another season are already sprouting. Pauline D Loh shares an autumn harvest.

  • Prawns in the pink

    2010-08-16 11:07

    These juicy crustaceans are always popular, and they are quick to cook, and easy to eat. Pauline D Loh offers you a buffet of prawn recipes.

  • Comfort in a bowl

    2010-08-07 17:25

    A bowl of creamy vegetable soup and a chunk of crusty bread can be most welcoming after a hard day at work. Pauline D Loh brews up some soothing solutions

  • The Queen of tarts

    2010-07-31 11:37

    Delicate cupcakes and delicious pastries are the trademarks of the modern day urban domestic goddess.