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Wenjiang teaches seniors about health2019-02-14

Hesheng town, Wenjiang district held a health lecture on Feb 12 to spread health knowledge and improve the health of senior citizens.

Wenjiang gains great achievements in 20182019-02-12

Wenjiang district, Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan province has ranked among China's top 100 districts for seven continuous years.

Chengdu charms during Spring Festival2019-02-11

Chengdu saw a rise in both the number of tourists and in tourism revenue over the Spring Festival holiday from Feb 4 to 10.

Chengdu eager to develop 5G industry2019-02-03

To encourage the healthy development of the 5G industry, Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan province recently launched 18 preferential policies that will provide up to 200 million yuan ($30 million) in support for universities and companies.

Wenjiang looks to improve community governance2019-02-02

The year's first community governance competition and community governance meeting were recently held in Wenjiang district, Chengdu.

Wenjiang goes all out for Spring Festival2019-02-01

The opening ceremony for a winter tourism festival with the catchphrase "Enjoy Spring Festival in Wenjiang" and the 4th Wenjiang Grand Temple Fair were recently held in Floraland, Wanchun town, Wenjiang district.

Yongning town updates government services2019-01-31

Yongning town, Wenjiang district, Chengdu is establishing a platform supported by several stations to provide comprehensive government services for individuals and companies.

Wenjiang to become beacon of health industry2019-01-30

Wenjiang district, Chengdu has decided to build a universal health industry ecosphere focusing on medicine, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and senior care. Its goal is to become a national beacon of the health industry.

Spring Festival Gala romanticizes Liucheng sub-district2019-01-29

A gala in celebration of the upcoming Spring Festival was recently held in Liucheng sub-district, Wenjiang district, Chengdu.

Medical, big data, AI come together at Wenjiang forum2019-01-28

A forum on the medical, big data and AI industries was recently held in Wenjiang district, Chengdu.

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