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Dongguan never viewed as “a sex sin city”

(bbs.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-02-17 15:49

This once upon a bustling township of apparel industry has re-imaged itself as a human hospitality service industry for fast bucks, especially during this period of apparel downturn globally and nudged by competitive attractiveness outside China. Its apparel trade advantages have dwindled markedly.

Shortsightedness of local authorities in power is seemed to be the main problem facing such new problems emerging from a boring, dull and hazy industry; that is lacking a clear-cut initiative in navigating its growth potential along this southern Pearl River region into a newer Hi-Tech apparel industry coupled with Green Environment in manufacturing and production of lighter industries.

Detrimental acts of certain official departments had been collecting unfair taxes ( as protection fees ) from producers and / or manufacturers without the issuance of receipts. So easy and sweet money will of course drive certain incorrigible guys happy and rich whilst the hard working and honest biz owners have to struggle with the downturns in businesses, many often calling the biz QUIT for good thus caving in so badly and painfully. That is the bad news of Dongguan while prostitution_cum_gangsterism industry is flourishing for the time being, only a short lived game play for the brave ones!

Alas, not just biz Hongkongers often call that place a "home" among homes; the Chinese Taiwanese folks being considered "sweetened" Chinese comrade folks, mid aged up to 75 years old are anchoring there as their main base of fun and relaxation for cheap bits: highly affordable!! Don't forget those biz visiting Malaysian and Singaporean folks too as well as local Chinese guys!!

Such official shortsightedness has helped to invite this prostitution industry to grow among the many "ugly" bars and social clubs to flourish into a "gangsterism industry" of all sorts just due to greed and underworld kingpin activities.

Wider and better roads were done up to look good initially; but potholes and humps are seen all over many new roads and streets filled with a wide swath of dust and sand. What about those dark and filthy rivers running across the township? What seems so prosperous in a beautifully set part of the Southern Pearl River region among Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau is no longer seen as being perfect for biz growth; but only the local authorities with clean and upright power can revive it.

aa@edward from China Daily BBS

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