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Most Chinese people are great

By MichaelM (blog.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-12-19 17:24

I've had a wide range of dramatic experiences lately. Last night at dinner, I had one that is often repeated, but, not quite as much as it did. Let me explain. I went to dinner with Lily, my very excellent, bilingual teaching assistant and colleague. We were eating at place that we'd eaten several times in the past. The food there is quite excellent. They have a stuffed mushroom dish that is 'out of this world.' (English idiom for something that is really fantastic) They also have a broccoli beef dish that is wonderful. I'd not had it in a long time and she wanted me to take her home in the car, so, it is near her home and I took her.

I had spent much of the day dealing with the email threat I'd received the day before. Just giving information to the foreign experts bureau and the police. A 'not so nice' thing that I'd rather not happen and have to deal with. As we were sitting there, I noticed a large group of young men sitting near the back of the restaurant. They all kept staring at me. I assumed that they knew me from the television appearances or somewhere else perhaps where I'd given a presentation. So, I politely waved to them. They all waved back and seemed excited that I would acknowledge them.

After we'd finished eating, they too were getting up and leaving. They stopped at our table and each one wanted to have their picture taken with me. So, they lined up and we started the process. Not only that, but, we also took several group photos. After each photo was taken, each of them wanted to shake my hand. It was delightful consolation to the day I'd had before.

The night before, I was a bit unsettled with the threat that had come by the email. When things like that happen, it makes an expat a bit homesick. But, when nice, kind and friendly people come along like those boys last night, it makes me feel like China is my home and I am welcomed by many here.

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