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Days and Nights in Dongguan

Editor's note:A range of expats share their experiences in China's "Sin City" in the aftermath of a massive crackdown on the sex trade.

Days and Nights in Dongguan

Dongguan good city for expats, has its downside

I worked in Dongguan in 1994 up to 1996, and it was a very poor and backward place then, but still an interesting place for an expat. I am still in China 20 years later and have visited Dongguan several times over the years, it has gone through an amazing transformation.

It is now a very green city and very clean, however, it still has its down side. Prostitution is still rife and there are lots of criminal gangs about. Lots of Hong Kong men still visit to frequent the karaoke bars and chase the hookers, and then doing business during the day.

I remember all the farm areas around, and the banana plantations were huge. The Chinese lady who is now my wife was my first Chinese female friend back then, and I used to help her study English in the evenings after I finished work. < more >

Days and Nights in Dongguan

Judging Dongguan only on sex stings "not fair"

I arrived in Dongguan 3 years ago and even in these last 3 years the city went through an amazing transformation. So many things changed in culture, lifestyle, dining, sports, and business. A pace I have never experienced before. So quick and with much planning. I think it’s a nice city to live in.

Amazing infrastructure, services, shopping malls are blossoming every day. I remember 3 years ago in Dongcheng district you only had few Western-style restaurants and bars. Now you have dozens to choose from. People come to Dongguan from everywhere in China. It’s the good lifestyle that brought them here. Over 6 million of them are not born in Dongguan.

Regarding recent events, I can say that I never viewed Dongguan as a sex sin city. Only people not living here can say that. < more >

They couldn't believe he refused "service"

I have lived in China from almost eight years and I am based in Jiangsu provice. I lived for some months in Guangdong.

During these eight years I have been to Dongguan four times. The first impression about the city was not good. The sky was grey and the buildings looked old, despite the fact that it's a "new" city.

Business-wise, I had a lot of suppliers there and it is quite a resourceful city because you can find almost everything, from textiles to electronic devices. < more >

Host "gob smacked" he didn't take any girls

My first visit was in 2000. I was taken there from TW by a Taiwanese guy to visit a factory.

First, the first night I was taken to KTV. I was amused at all the females lined up as I was taken to the KTV room, and then I was asked to choose two girls in the KTV. Fortunately, I found an English speaker which made life easier while I was there.

It wasn't until about 2am, when we were leaving, the TW guy asked me if I was taking one or two girls back. I wasn't expecting that and when I said I wasn't taking any back, the girls were shocked and the TW guy was gob smacked. But even if I wasn't [drunk] at that stage I wouldn't have. < more >

Dongguan never viewed as "a sex sin city"

This once upon a bustling township of apparel industry has re-imaged itself as a human hospitality service industry for fast bucks, especially during this period of apparel downturn globally and nudged by competitive attractiveness outside China. Its apparel trade advantages have dwindled markedly.

Shortsightedness of local authorities in power is seemed to be the main problem facing such new problems emerging from a boring, dull and hazy industry; that is lacking a clear-cut initiative in navigating its growth potential along this southern Pearl River region into a newer Hi-Tech apparel industry coupled with Green Environment in manufacturing and production of lighter industries. < more >