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Abe doing a disservice to Japan

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-03-03 08:12

Comment on "Japan brainwashing kids" (China Daily, Jan 30)

After reading the commentary, I agree that Japan is brainwashing its children. To brainwash someone means to forcibly change his/her perception about certain matters. That is exactly what Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his colleagues are doing to Japan's schoolchildren in regard to the country's history.

The fact-bending textbooks that Japan has introduced (and intends to introduce) in its schools will defeat the purpose of a school being an institution of learning. The children will not learn historical facts about Japan. Rather, they will be forced to study the whitewashed history printed in the textbooks issued by their government.

I also agree that what the Abe administration is doing is reckless and shameful. His actions are especially dangerous, as pointed out in the commentary, when it comes to Japan's foreign policy. The revision of textbooks will cause more conflicts between Japan and the other countries that already have issues with Japan. The Japanese government is putting its children at a severe disadvantage by not letting them know real history.

I understand that Abe wants the youngest citizens to perceive Japan as a noble nation. But feeding children inaccurate information is not the way to make it happen. Abe might think he is helping his country, but he is actually doing a disservice to it.

FRANCES CELLA, via e-mail

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