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Forum trends: When China left me speechless

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Editor's note: Your first encounter with China can be a bit overwhelming, and you may still remember the first time you were really left speechless. Our forum readers recount their first visits to China, providing some interesting insight into Western attitudes toward China.

Forum trends: When China left me speechless

RonJaDa (Canada)

I got on a crowded bus, I had no packages dragging me down. This guy in his 30s got up from his seat and insisted that I sit down. This has happened several times with men and women giving me their seat. The first few times I said thank you, but no thank you, but sat down when they insisted. I was appreciative of the gesture but did not feel I was yet a senior, though I have more and more gray hair each month.

In Toronto some will give you their seat if you look like you physically need it. I now accept the seat and say thank you very much. I will also give up my seat if I see someone that needs it more than I do.

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