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Grads must change outlook on jobs

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-08 07:27

Comment on "Recent graduates lower expectations in tight job market" (China Daily, July 3)

The report gives some interesting facts and trends about the employment prospects of fresh college graduates. For some time now we have been hearing college graduates complain that they cannot find jobs, when the truth is that they cannot find a "good" job.

Over the past decades people have come to believe that college graduates "deserve" better salaries. But this concept has to be changed. Considering that more than 7 million students passed out of college this year, college graduates are no longer rare talents. So graduates should evaluate their competitive strength before complaining about the lack of jobs.

Once graduates change their attitude toward employment, they will feel less pressure while looking for a job. Our society will be able to absorb the college graduates who pass out every year, but perhaps it cannot afford to pay them comparatively high salaries as before.

Besides, college graduates should also look for jobs outside first-tier cities. Competition, living expenses and other pressures in top cities are extremely high, and everybody cannot cope with them.

Moreover, there are more opportunities for college graduates in second-and third-tier (or even smaller) cities, where they can grow faster in their professions. The starting salary doesn't determine one's career development. If college graduates change their mindset before entering the job market, they will eventually find a job that will allow them to shine in their career.

CARRIE MO, via e-mail

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(China Daily 07/08/2014 page9)

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