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How to improve parenting skills

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-17 08:37

Parents should be aware of worst parenting acts and consider improving their parenting skills.

First, parents should be cautious about scolding or punishing their children. They should never scold, but instead tell their child what he or she did was wrong. I think punishment is necessary in parenting, but corporeal punishment is wrong. It only makes the child bitter and rubs away the gladness in his or her heart.

Second, parents should not often compare their children with other kids. If you want to do so, talk more about the talent and potential of your children, and mention someone he or she does not know to create a little comparison. Parents need to let their kids develop at their own pace.

Third, do not leave your children alone in public places. Always stay with them.

Fourth, explain to the children the benefits of good learning habits. Emphasize a little the importance of excellent academic scores for college admission, and the benefits of going to college.

Fifth, let them make their own decisions when they grow up .

ATTYROSLEE, from China Daily website

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