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Gratitude to the guru

By Cai Shen (China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-11 16:00

Those who teach us is the guru or preceptor or whatever you say to respect their eminence. Every year we honor our guru who guided our life. I suppose most countries have respect for teacher’s day. The United Nations declared a special day in dedication.

On that special day we respect the guru who played a vital role at crucial moments in our lives. As for me, there is no one best teacher in my student life. Primary level to college life I hadn't delighted any teacher. In high school my math was very poor and I was always scared of the math teacher. I was a very honest and modest student so was always scared of making a mistake.

Because of the teacher I wished to boycott the class.

Now, lots of teachers are around me. Certificate holders are one type of teacher but apart from them friends, family, neighbors, children, adults, nature are all are my everlasting guides.

Nature, which taught me to live is my primitive teacher in life. I can feel warm and cold and have to struggle for existence, I can weep and laugh. I need not turn the pages of science, math or other subjects. I have the desire to learn and am fond of knowledge, my surroundings teaching me. The diversity of ‘nature’ teaches me ups and downs, the tough and the easy. The seasons, natural and unnatural devastation, animals they are all inspirations for me.

I have never given even a box of sweets to my teacher on Teacher’s Day but have shown a little bit respect to natural gurus. I pray for myself to be as strong as rock, chilly as wind, beautiful as the moon, cold as snow, hot as fire. Nature is the best teacher in my life. I cannot pay tributes to school teachers while appearing ungrateful to nature.

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