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Pull out undesired hand

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-18 08:29

Pull out undesired hand

Premier Li Keqiang speaks at a seminar attended by economists and corporate leaders on Tuesday, Beijing, April 14, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

The top leadership has made striking progress in the past less than three years since taking office. Its effective anti-corruption campaign has greatly reduced malpractices and extravagance, and its reform has allowed the market to play a bigger role in the economy.

But administrative organs still play the dominant role in many economic and social fields, something that Premier Li Keqiang severely criticized recently.

"Manicurists still need to gain their qualification certification from the government and the profession is even divided by the government into five grades. Is there a need for such kind of certification to be left to the discretion of the government?" Li raised this question at a State Council meeting on Wednesday.

"The qualification evaluation of such a trivial profession should be up to the market and the government should focus on the more important medical cosmetology qualification and more efficiently deal with major malpractices involving cosmetic surgery."

As the head of government, Li has been taking measures to transform government functions. One item after another has been removed from the list of government approval, which considerably reduces administrative costs and raises efficiency.

Given the lingering economic slowdown China faces, the government should exit as many economic areas as possible to inject vitality into the market. This is particularly important at a time when authorities are promoting innovation and encouraging more people to start their own business, for which a relaxed and administrative factor-less market environment is needed.

To truly let the market play a decisive role as it has promised, the government should review the existing government certificate authentication system and simply wash its hands of the ridiculous ones like manicure.

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