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Should a woman propose to a man?

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Editor's note: In most cultures it is traditional for a man to propose marriage on bended knee, with a diamond ring. As a women's proposal is often considered inappropriate and unacceptable, do you think is it okay for women to propose marriage? You're welcome to leave your comments.

BlondeAmber (Ireland)

Too often, TV and movies promote an 'ideal' romance that many women mistake for how reality should be: that girls should 'wait' to be swept off their feet by a 'white knight'. The reality is that if you are in a secure and respectful relationship, whichever partner proposes marriage is unimportant. A real man would not be threatened by a confident woman. Should a woman propose? Why not? If a man can accept her for her accomplishments and skills he should be man enough to accept a marriage proposal.

Should a woman propose to a man?

Man makes a wedding dress out of thousands of roses for his girlfriend and proposes marriage, Feb 13, 2012. [Photo/CFP]

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