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School should let students choose nap or meditation

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-08 09:07

The pilot plan of an elementary school in Foshan, South China's Guangdong province to replace its customary afternoon nap for students with zazen meditation was recently ended after being tried for only two days, due to the complaints of parents. Comments:

It is understandable, and should be appreciated, that the principal of the elementary school introduced his 20-year experience of zazen meditation to his students with the best of intentions. However, those good intentions deprived some students of their right to have an afternoon nap. Therefore, to better solve the problem, the school should offer students the choice of sleeping or meditating.

Szonline.net, Sept 6

Rather than either mandatory zazen meditation for all students or sleep, the school authorities could discuss with the parents and let the children make their own choice. Those students who are interested can try zazen meditation during the noon break while those preferring a nap should be provided with a quiet sleeping environment. This would best respect the different needs of the students.

Huaxi Metropolis Daily, Sept 7

As long as it is practical and does not put the students in danger, it is worth trying to introduce zazen meditation as part of the noon break at school. Students in some southeastern Asian countries do zazen meditation and it has been shown to have long-term positive effects. If schoolchildren could indeed meditate, it would help them experience inner peace and concentration. In this sense, the public should adopt an inclusive attitude toward the elementary school's attempt.

Southern Metropolis Daily, Sept 7

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