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America is to blame

By MichaelM (blog.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-08-28 15:45

A recent post that went viral on Chinese social media outlet, WeChat, stated that America is at fault for the recent downfall of the Chinese stock market. In fact, the post went as far as to say that it was the US who 'planned this' in order to punish China over their recent devaluation of the Yuan.

Some comments were even more intense than the post itself. Netizens started pointing the finger at America for causing the explosion in Tianjin suggesting America dropped a bomb on Tianjin 'like they did to Japan during the anti-Japanese war.' It didn’t stop there. Other posts that went viral came from somebody blaming America for the typhoons that hit China. That’s right, not only does America control the world, it controls Mother Nature too.

It never ceases to amaze me how naive people can be.

The most outrageous posts came from a lady who blamed China's air pollution on the US. She said, "If America didn't consume and waste so many products made in China, then Chinese people wouldn't have to work so hard in manufacturing those products. And if Chinese people wouldn’t work so hard manufacturing those products, then factories wouldn’t be forced to put pollution in the air."

Not only is America to blame for the air pollution problems, America is to blame for the jobs that are created here in China. Essential, America is to blame for giving people in China the opportunity to earn a living while providing for their families. I'm sure with the stress and exhaustion from working in those factories that produce products for American consumption, it’s causing Chinese families to dissolve. America is weakening the family structure here in China. America is to blame.

I say, 'if there's a problem in China or anywhere else in the world, our standard should be to blame America for it.' American politicians act as if America is in charge of the whole world and knows what's best for every country. So we should make them responsible for anything and everything that happens on the earth. That will make all of our problems easier to deal with. It would never be required for anyone else to take responsibility for anything that happens in the world.

America did it. End of story.

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