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Brexit: The failure of the European elite

By Chevalerie (blog.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-06-27 14:59

Brexit: The failure of the European elite

A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet flies past the Union Flag above the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, in central London, Britain, June 24, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

First, I shall beware of giving a definitive comment on the British vote. The democratic system ensures that each one is able to participate to vote at its sole discretion. What had to happen finally happened, ineluctable destiny, that's all!

Rather than pointing out the consequences, the crucial problem is as follows: the European elite is increasingly divorced from the harsh reality of the daily life of the vast majority of the people. This sentiment is held equally by the Britons and by a large part of the European population, a basic feeling that transcends all rational arguments.

In a nutshell, they reject the course of history that suggests that the world's people should get together at a trans-boundary level, ever greater, to answer to current and future challenges.

Targeting this objective, the European elite was very active in advocating for the union at any cost. Traveling frenetically, often handling multiple languages, mixed easily with others, belonging to a privileged Gotha, those ones claimed that they held the true, adding that no other viable options are available. They believed themselves above all countries, sometimes above the law, speaking on the behalf of the mankind. Yet the worst, they started to think for others.

At the end, this characterized arrogance, self-satisfaction and condescension fed mistrust, scorn and rejection among the people.

To be honest and sincere, I include myself in this category. Lately, my clear-sightedness was shortfall. If I had paid more attention, I would have realized both the unease of the people and the unsatisfactory responses of many governments.

For instance, since a couple of years, French permanent resident make me understand that I am not entitled to talk about the local issues because I spent most of my time away from the country. This is the crucial point, being of nowhere, unconnected with my native land, I am afraid I ran out from the real world.

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