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Op Rana is a senior editor with China Daily’s opinion department. He has a particular focus on international politics and environmental protection.

Self-portrait as felt, green queries as faced

[2009-04-17 07:43]

You fight for the environment. Isn't that what you think?

A beauty better off unseen

[2009-03-20 07:41]

For most of us, a snow leopard is a shy and elusive cat but a stealthy and deadly animal - a predator that sits on top of the food chain across central and South Asia's rugged 1,230,000 sq km mountainous regions.

Turbulent times for agriculture

[2009-03-13 07:45]

Turbulence. That's what the world is passing through now. Nothing seems to be independent or exclusive in these times of globalization.

Give domestic economy its chance

[2009-03-06 07:42]

The global financial crisis and the resultant economic downturn back home have made this year's sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference all the more important.

Mother's milk best for all little miracles

[2009-02-20 07:40]

Looks like the milk scare is refusing to die. As if the melamine-contaminated milk scandal hadn't extracted a big enough health and mental price, dozens of kids have fallen ill after taking "melamine-free" milk food. The melamine-contamination scare, too, began with a small number of cases before it claimed six infants' lives and left about 300,000 with various urinary tract ailments, including kidney stones. But let's hope the cases won't multiply in geometric progression this time.

Wishing all a healthy Lunar New Year

[2009-01-23 07:37]

People now have one more reason to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Coming as it does during these trying economic times, the healthcare reform package is more than a welcome relief.

Beauty lies in nature, not conservation

[2009-01-09 07:39]

Nature refers to the natural world and the physical universe. It is the phenomena of the physical world, and thus life in all its forms. The oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, plateaus, plains, grasslands and everything they contain are part of nature. But it excludes objects made by man or created through human interaction.

Let's play the music of save the planet

[2008-12-12 07:43]

The 40 leading industrialized countries emitted 2.3 percent more greenhouse gases (GHG) from 2000 to 2006. Massive floods deep below Antarctica's ice cover are accelerating the flow of glaciers into the sea.

Lessons one needs to learn from Mumbai

[2008-12-03 07:41]

Very few things can be more painful than seeing a city in your country go up in flames, and the sense of helplessness multiplies manifold if you are thousands of miles away from home.

This world dream can't be deferred

[2008-11-14 07:51]

A little over a week is not too late to bow one's head to American voters for making the impossible possible. By doing so, they have burdened Barack Obama with a bigger task. He was already carrying the burden of history, especially more than 300 years of slavery, but now he cannot afford to fail to make a greater dream come true.

Surprise US result should not come as a surprise

[2008-11-05 07:56]

The world will wake up to a new US president today, ending an almost two-year wait. If the opinion polls were anything to go by, Democrat Barack Obama would have made it to the White House, though he can take charge of office only on January 20.

Saving the Earth more important

[2008-10-24 07:55]

These are definitely not the best of times to live in, especially if one has a stake in the financial market. The world faces the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The neo-liberals who trumpeted the triumph of the US capitalist model are looking for a place to hide. Leaders across the capitalist world are searching for ways out of the financial mess, which they so lovingly helped create.

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