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Op Rana is a senior editor with China Daily’s opinion department. He has a particular focus on international politics and environmental protection.

Biodiversity loss and its discontents

[2012-11-20 08:10]

The world might have ignored the CBD even without the US presidential election round the corner.

Libya lessons for politically correct US

[2012-09-20 07:51]

The Muslim world is burning.

GM rice is more than food for thought

[2012-09-18 08:09]

Hopefully, the Ministry of Health has taken these factors into consideration while ordering the investigation into the controversial GM rice research in Hunan.

Water under a troubled bridge

[2012-08-28 08:02]

The Yangtze River dolphin,is functionally extinct. The Yangtze River porpoise, meet the same fate.

There is more to Iran than meets the eye

[2012-02-03 08:06]

The Arab League has withdrawn its observer mission from Syria because the violence in the country has not subsided. The West puts the blame squarely on the Bashar al-Assad government.

Will Durban end the fight against climate change?

[2011-11-26 08:00]

Greenpeace International released a report on Nov 22, saying a handful of multinational corporations are "exerting undue influence" on the political process in the United States and Canada and other pivotal countries to delay global action on climate change.

Developed world needs a BASIC lesson in Durban

[2011-11-12 08:38]

Money has been more important for us than the environment, or else we wouldn't have ravaged our planet mercilessly enough to threaten tens of millions of years of nature's works in just a few decades.

A lady and her love for the planet

[2011-08-12 08:05]

This is a column wrought with grief. My colleague, Li Xing, who had been pouring her heart out in her contributions on Fridays, was snatched from us by death, suddenly and prematurely. Hers was a life and journalism of conviction and integrity not many in today's world of self-centeredness can claim.

Mission 'democracy' is mission hypocrisy

[2011-08-06 07:52]

But, to put it plainly, it was nothing less than "abject surrender" by President Obama to the Republicans, for he agreed to cut $2.1 trillion in expenditure on programs for the poor without succeeding in imposing higher taxes on the rich.

Privatization no panacea for economic ills

[2011-07-04 07:49]

It has become second nature for many an economist, expert and commentator in China to see privatization as a panacea for all the ills plaguing many a business and service.

The breaking of history in Libya

[2011-06-20 08:04]

It has been almost three months since NATO took over command of the attack against Moammar Gadhafi's Libyan forces, but the end is still nowhere in sight.

Developed countries 'kill' Doha Round

[2011-05-28 07:58]

The Doha Round of talks is supposed to correct the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules that are biased against developing countries - At least, that's what the original idea was.

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