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The Week Aug 5, 2011

Updated: 2011-08-05 17:19
By Christie Lee & Kurt Lin (chinadaily.com.cn)

Summer research

We all know what college kids have been up to this summer. But what about their professors? One Chinese professor this week announced he has been breeding the world's smallest frogs. Another Chinese professor said his team at the University of California at Berkeley has invented the first invisibility cloak. For more, let's turn to our senior correspondent on all things invisible to the naked eye, Chris Clark.

When Cupid can't find a parking space

Valentine's Day strikes twice every year in China. Chinese couples in big cities celebrate Western-style Valentine's Day, which happens every Feb 14. But they also celebrate the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day, which this year falls on Aug 6. There are plenty of flower sellers, candy shops and restaurants to handle all those Valentine's Day dates. But what big cities across China are reporting a shortage of this year are parking spaces in front of those stores and restaurants. How big of a problem is it in cities with more cars than parking spaces? Let's join one young couple in love on Chinese Valentine's Day.

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The Week Aug 5, 2011

The Week Aug 5, 2011

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The Week Aug 5, 2011

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