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Digest China: How close are we to a food crisis?

Updated: 2011-08-11 00:04
By Feng Xin (chinadaily.com.cn)

Pork prices are at all time high. The National Bureau of Statistics of China announced a nearly 60 percent of increase in pork prices this June. In other Asian countries, food prices have also surged significantly.

Many suggest climate change, higher consumption of meat and dairy products in emerging countries, increased demand for biofuels production and higher costs of energy and transport can all contribute to a food crisis.

But what about this time? How close are we to a food crisis because of price increase? And how can we help ourselves?

Digest China host Feng Xin invites two guests, Cai Jianming and D J Clark to into the studio. Cai Jianming specializes in urban development at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has a special focus in urban agriculture. D J Clark is a multimedia columnist with China Daily Website. He recently traveled to five Asian countries, exploring how a food crisis impacts people's life.

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Digest China: How close are we to a food crisis?